Sunday, January 15, 2006

The not so mysterious Newspaper Thief

My cat Bentley, is a loveable white and orange cat. He's a little shy, but he's stubborn. He also likes to sit on newspapers, and today, I discovered he likes to do it while I'm reading them. It started innocently enough, I'm sitting on the couch, the newspaper in front of me. Bentley jumps up and sits on the paper. I moved him to my lap, where he prompltly goes back to sitting on the newspaper. We did this a total of eight or nine times, with me moving him back to my lap, and him going back to the paper. There were a few moments where I let him sit on the paper because I wasn't reading that section, and once he even sat on my lap while I went through two whole pages, all cat free. It was a will of mights. After a bit of time, he got mad, or maybe the bird flying outside the window was just more interesting. But either way, I won, against a nine pound cat.


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